Independent Minyans

Here's a list of minyans in the U.S.A. with nontraditional models (aka independent minyans/independent minyanim).
I started this list for my own uses but it may be more broadly useful.

Please email me with corrections/additions.

Minyan Location Registered nonprofit? Notes
DC Minyan

Washington, DC No
Pico Egal Los Angeles, CA Yes

Los Angeles, CA Yes
Mission Minyan San Francisco, CA Yes
Minyan Hamifratz Palo Alto, CA ?
Altshul Brooklyn (Park Slope), NY ?
Kehilat Hadar New York, NY Yes No membership
Kol Hakfar New York, NY ?
Darkhei Noam New York, NY Yes
Kol Zimrah New York, NY No (nonprofit but unregistered) No membership!
Minyan Shaleym Boston, MA Yes
Cambridge Minyan Cambridge, MA Yes
Minyan Tehillah Cambridge, MA Yes
Washington Square Minyan Brookline, MA Yes
Minyan Koleinu Teaneck, NJ ?
Minyan Urim New Haven, CT ?
Minyan Mercaz Philadelphia, PA ?
Atlanta Chevrei Minyan Atlanta, GA ?
Yet Another Minyan Somewhere, IA 501(c)(3) nonprofit?

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